This project, “NahsebFik”, publishes the wishes of elderly people who are lonely and face various social difficulties and possibly have health issues. We are giving the general public the opportunity to send out a special thought to them for Christmas. It is also an independent initiative which is held in collaboration with a number of responsible social workers and to which a lot of generous people have contributed, people who saw the chance to help the elderly to feel loved and cared for once again. We would like to invite you to contribute to this project and fulfill the wishes of these elderly.   Without this project, they might miss the opportunity to receive a Christmas card or a phone call, let alone a present

Select the wish and leave details on how you would like to fulfill it.

Your details will only be provided to the responsible social worker who would then get in touch with you by email or telephone. Confidentiality will be respected to protect all persons concerned.

NahsebFik is an independent initiative launched by Lina Pecorella in 2014 and operates in cooperation with the Gozo Ministry.

Lina Pecorella is a Lithuanian mother of 2, who has been living in Malta since 2001 and was inspired by the ever growing number of charitable organisations and initiatives in her home country, and wanted to emulate some form of it here in Malta upon noticing there was a lack of such initiatives in Malta she decided to start up the project herself, which has successfully helped thousands of Children and also Elderly over the years. 

Thank you for your kindness!

*All names are fictitious*